Author: Michael Anthony

Hi! I'm Michael Anthony Abril. I'm an assistant professor of Systematic Theology, I teach 7th-grade PSR (catechism), and I'm a foster parent.

Top 5 money-saving DIY jobs

I recently perused an article on “The 25 things you should learn to DIY this year,” and it struck me that many of the ideas were not all that practical. For most homeowners—especially those of us with stereotypically large Catholic families—practicality and savings should be a big consideration when deciding what to do by yourself. If…

Edward Burne-Jones, "The Adoration of the Magi" · tapestry · 1890


Hello world! We’re happy to announce the beginning of our new blog. We are Michael Anthony and Danielle Abril, and we’re both experienced with the Internet but we’ve been too busy living life to blog in recent years. Danielle once ran a great blog called back when we only had one kid to chase…