Tech Tuesday: Mario Teaches Typing

Even with all of the new apps for children these…

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The myth of the “Dark Ages”

Even the best storycrafter shapes a tale after his or her…

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Adam and Eve being banished from Eden. St. Anthony's Cathedral in Emdibir, Ethiopia.

Tech Tuesday: Catholics & Cultures

They say that when you sing, you pray twice. I…

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Top 5 money-saving DIY jobs

I recently perused an article on “The 25 things you…

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Tech Tuesday: Math Practice Generator

I loved math as a kid, but thanks to my…

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How To: Fix a hanging closet door

As a result of poor care by the previous occupants…

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Two cherubs lost in thought

Kids = constant entertainment

We parents usually have plenty of funny stories about the…

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How To: Slicing pages in an uncut book

I recently hit the jackpot in terms of book ownership.…

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Advertising poster for chastity

Virtue just feels so good

Catechizing 7th graders can be a challenge, but once in…

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Edward Burne-Jones, "The Adoration of the Magi" · tapestry · 1890


Hello world! We’re happy to announce the beginning of our…

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